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Microsoft Points Generator 2016

The Xbox Live Points Generator will open doors to new things in the XBox Live Marketplace such as, arcade games, avatar accessories, games, add-ons and much more for free. Software will allow you to generate free microsoft points. After several weeks of beta testing and coding we have finally been able to finish this baby up. Download our Xbox Live Code Generator today and redeem your microsoft points today by using this program.

What is Xbox Live Code Generator??

Xbox Live Points Generator  is the tool which generates xbox live codes which can be used to get microsoft points.By using our generator you can get free Microsoft points,So you can buy anything from xbox store.

Generate points directly from your PC, undetected. Don't buy games and apps ever again. We are pleased to announce our new Microsoft Points Generator. Now you can buy everything for free! Thanks to this fantastic free Microsoft Points Generator you can generate points for you and your friends! Generate points of several bounds (800, 1600, 4000). Do not abuse it to avoid the risk of being banned, even if the risk is very low, we recommend that you don't use more than 2 codes per week.


Step 1: Click the "Download" button. 
Step 2: Completed deals with your mobile phone. [Free Offers] 
Step 3: Once the bid ended you now have access to the files. 
Step 4: Run the software and all execute your computer. 
Step 5: Enjoy

How to use Microsoft Points Generator 2016:

  1. Download Microsoft Points Generator 2016.  
  2. Open the hack tool. 
  3. Select your features and enter their values. 
  4. Last - click the play button patch, it automatically update the game. 

Enjoy your trick! 

Microsoft Points Generator 2016 Features:

We are still working on this project to increase the stability when more number of users using it. It works on both Windows and MAC Operating Systems. Our Microsoft Points Generator 2016 can only generate 800, 1600 and 4000 denominations but it couldn’t generate 10000 denomination. In future we plan to implement 10000 denomination in our program with further high accuracy.

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